Support Testimonials

Thanks are a Super Star!
Peter V.

My issue was not that technical but I work on an off shift which made email my only way of conversation. The tech kept up with me and did not just let my issues slide. I was able to correct the issue and I am thankful for the support and willingness of Hagerman to stay on top of the issue until it was resolved.
Christopher M.

Marvin Thomas was very knowledgeable and helpful. Through a series of instructions and waiting for my administrator to synchronize, we accomplished the task.  I want to thank Marvin for his patience and expertize in resolving my problem with Inventor.
Gyasi M.

Keith has done several support jobs for me and he is always on top of the issues. Thanks for letting me say that.
Phil B.

I was rather impressed with the reaction time to my problems. Also, if one solution did not work, it was a rapid response time to get another solution to try. My problem was solved in a matter of a few hours, where I had been working on it for days.
Nick A.

Hagerman Support has always provided help to us in timely manner. Very courteous and professional. Good follow up when required.
Robert C.

Kevin Bosch was very knowledgeable of the technical problem and diligently worked out a successful solution. I will be able to use this technique in the future as well. Thank you.
Jim W.

As always, David was right there, ready to help me. He quickly assessed the situation and moved to resolve the problem; and while doing so, he explained each step he had me perform and answered all of my questions.
Warren S.

The speed of response was excellent and appreciated! Keith knows his stuff.
Mike L

Sometimes I wish I had more problems so that I could interact with the Hagerman Application Engineers more often. It is always a pleasure and a great opportunity for learning.
Perry P.


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Training Testimonials

This was my first online course, I was a bit apprehensive about it to begin with, but it has been every bit as easy as if I were sitting in a classroom with the class.
Scott C.

Gary is a great instructor - he is clear, direct, has an excellent speaking and teaching approach, and makes the material very understandable.
David K.

Wonderful class! Gary's expertise helped us get the most out of the class. Will be recommending 3-4 more students to the essentials class, and possibly arrange a 1-2 "custom advanced" course later.
Allan V.

I was able to get all my questions answered, no matter how many I bugged the instructor with. He [Dan Rosenberg] also was able to help us figure out solutions to our problems we might have a hard time with.
Jonathan F.

What did you like most about your training?: I enjoyed the hands on practice with the examples. There was good coverage on the most useful and helpful features of the software.
Jeffrey S.

Forrest is an incredible instructor. I look forward to working with him in the future. WOW!!! THANK YOU Forrest.
Michael G.

He [Tad] progressed at a very good rate based on class knowledge as a whole. He understood the software very well, and was able to answer questions not covered by the basic course very well.
Daniel M.

Clayton did a great job and taught at a level in respect to my experience.
Lee C.

Alice is very knowledgeable, most helpful, and able to answer every question without hesitation.
Bryan T.

What did you like most about your training?: There was a great breakdown of basic usage and functionality.
Mario H.


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