Support Testimonials

Robert did a great job in helping to resolve this issue. He also took extra steps to forward me screen shots to help me along. A great experience.
Tammy S.

Dave was awesome - I could not believe how quickly he processed my request, and got back to me with an updated license file.
Jennifer P.

I got the information I needed with no problems and your staff was very helpful. Thank you
Joe M.

I have always had a good experience working with your people. They are very knowledgeable, friendly & courteous. I like how the issue is diverted to the most knowledgeable person available for each particular issue.
Lori T.

Kevin has been great to help in every way and I was impressed with his follow-up of my issue. He checked on me two different times to confirm my issue was resolved. Top notch service.
Marty W.

Gary explained the procedure in great detail. I was easily able to follow his instruction to build what I needed. He also sent the instructions twice because he feared the first email was damaged. Thank Gary.
Mark K.

Not only did I get my question answered but he reasoned that something else was wrong, had me check and fixed that problem too. Now my product works better on my system, crashes less, AND the original reason I emailed customer support was resolved as well.
Paul M.

This was strictly done via email, so the telephone questions were not applicable. The email, however, was wonderful. You guys are batting 1000 as far as answering my questions. I have already used the feature that Gary explained at least 25 times already today. HURRAY!!!
Perry P.

Kevin Bosch did an EXCELLENT job with taking care of my issues. He remained patient and courteous with my IT connection issues while trying to address my problem. Kevin's communication and knowledge was outstanding and I personally thank him for helping me.
Jason S.

As long as you have representatives that care about supporting the customer like Mr. Robert Levy did, you will continue to have customers. Supporting the end user is paramount. Mr.Robert Levy, representative of Hagerman was extremely helpful in correcting my printing issue. He was very detailed in pin pointing where the problem was and how to avoid this issue.
Manny B.


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Training Testimonials

This was my first online course, I was a bit apprehensive about it to begin with, but it has been every bit as easy as if I were sitting in a classroom with the class.
Scott C.

Gary is a great instructor - he is clear, direct, has an excellent speaking and teaching approach, and makes the material very understandable.
David K.

Wonderful class! Gary's expertise helped us get the most out of the class. Will be recommending 3-4 more students to the essentials class, and possibly arrange a 1-2 "custom advanced" course later.
Allan V.

I was able to get all my questions answered, no matter how many I bugged the instructor with. He [Dan Rosenberg] also was able to help us figure out solutions to our problems we might have a hard time with.
Jonathan F.

What did you like most about your training?: I enjoyed the hands on practice with the examples. There was good coverage on the most useful and helpful features of the software.
Jeffrey S.

Forrest is an incredible instructor. I look forward to working with him in the future. WOW!!! THANK YOU Forrest.
Michael G.

He [Tad] progressed at a very good rate based on class knowledge as a whole. He understood the software very well, and was able to answer questions not covered by the basic course very well.
Daniel M.

Clayton did a great job and taught at a level in respect to my experience.
Lee C.

Alice is very knowledgeable, most helpful, and able to answer every question without hesitation.
Bryan T.

What did you like most about your training?: There was a great breakdown of basic usage and functionality.
Mario H.


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