Support Testimonials

Marvin was able to identify and fix the problem very quickly. Thank you!
Danny H.

It's nice to have the security knowing that Hagerman's support staff is always there when you need them....Great job...keep up the excellent support!
Steve W.

Dave was awesome. Very patient and fast at fixing our problem. Thanks.
Josh C.

This is my first direct contact with your Technical Support and I was very impressed with the speed and the personal touch I received. In all my 'computer lifetime' (since 1994), my experience with your Technical Support is among the very best.
Gary K.

Excellent service, Dave Benning was able to figure out the issue within seconds. He hopped on my computer using GoToMeeting, and the issue was resolved. I appreciate the overall quality of service since I first called in to order the product. This is the reason we chose Hagerman, and will return for any future needs.
Greg S.

It was a very enjoyable experience. Top rate customer service. Thanks.
Judy M.

The Hagerman Support Person that helped me was Mark Dooley. He understood my problem, he asked question to help the install move along quickly and he stayed on the phone until the install was complete to ensure no other issues came up. Great Job Mark!

Ivan S.

Kevin was excellent. I wish all technical support people were as good to work with as Kevin & Hagerman & Co.
Brian W.

Dave Benning provided quality service in a timely fashion. Thanks Dave!
Erich B.

Subrina Mickle was very informative and quick with the solution to our problem.  Please let her know that we appreciate the timely and courtious response, everything that she did was on point.
Miller P.


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Training Testimonials

Tad did a really good job explaining things at a good pace and with very basic and easy to understand knowledge. I feel he did an exceptional job teaching us the material.
Joshua G.

Even though the class went by quickly, the instructor took time to explain the course material in detail, as well as answer everyone's questions clearly and completely.
Michael W.

This was an online course. Logging in, communicating, and staying connected was a simple task with no issues at all.
Dennis B.

Exceptional job presenting a tremendous amount of information in a short period of time.
Douglas S.

David was excellent! He taught in a straight forward and humorous way that kept the class lively.
E. Scott T.

Mr. Cabreros is a great instructor. He took his time and clearly explained each topic.
Jeff F.

The instructor was very friendly and willing to go the extra distance to answer questions.
Jeffrey L.

I believe I increased my Inventor 2010 capability 3X in only two days, in a fun and functional environment. The instructor's knowledge was excellent he always communicated in easy understandable fashion. I will recommend Hagerman's class instruction without hesitation to my colleagues.
Charlie M.

This course has taught me more in the last few days than what I have learned in an entire quarter at ITT-Tech. Thank you for the great teacher and his ability to communicate the Autodesk product.
Ronnie M.

I have never had an instructor as knowledgeable as Gary. He did not mind slowing down or further explaining a feature or procedure. I would highly recommend this course and especially Gary as an instructor and look forward to taking the advanced class.


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