Asset Management 

In addition to a providing a variety of document management software solutions from vendors like Autodesk, Meridian, and Synergis Adept (as well as our proprietary software), Hagerman & Company also offers consulting services. Our goal is to help you select, implement, and optimize your usage of the document management solution that best allows you to prosper in today's competitive environment.

Why Hagerman?

Hagerman & Company has an unbiased product approach to your document management needs. Our document management consulting team is made up of SQL & IIS experts, as well as Certified Microsoft IT professionals. We’re also experienced with supporting a diverse range of customers including discrete manufacturers, process plants, and utility companies using single- and multi-cad systems. Additionally, Hagerman is a premier Autodesk Vault partner – with a division dedicated to multi-cad document management solutions and Vault implementations.

The document management services and systems we offer are affordable for small companies, but expandable to support the needs of larger enterprises. To further enhance your return on investment, we offer solutions that are flexible enough to be used in multiple departments and for multiple document management applications, thereby reducing IT burden and cost. All of our solutions are web-enabled to support the needs of companies with multiple locations, remote & traveling employees, and vendor & customer access.

Our document management services include: