Document Management

Why Hagerman?

Hagerman & Company offers a variety of software for document management from vendors including Autodesk, Meridian, and Synergis Adept Software. We also provide consulting services as well as our own proprietary software. Our goal is to help you select and implement the one solution that best allows you to survive and prosper in today's competitive environment.

Hagerman & Company has an unbiased product approach to your document management needs. We support a diverse customer base with single- and multi-cad systems. In addition, Hagerman is the premier Autodesk Vault partner in the nation with a dedicated division focused on multi-cad document management solutions and Vault implementations.

The services and systems we offer are affordable for small companies, but expandable to support the needs of larger enterprises. To further enhance your return on investment, we offer solutions that are flexible enough to be used in multiple departments and for multiple document management applications, thereby reducing IT burden and cost.  All of our solutions are web-enabled to support the needs of companies with multiple locations, remote and traveling employees, as well as vendor and customer access.

The Hagerman approach includes:

  • Discover needs
  • Provide solutions
  • Proof of concepts
  • Plan
  • Implement
  • Training
  • Project management
  • Assigned Project Manager oversees the project from planning through implementation
  • Documentation
  • Follow-up support

Industries we serve include: Discrete Manufacturing, Process Plants, and Utilities.  Our dedicated consulting division and project teams, include:

  • SQL and IIS experts
  • Certified Microsoft IT professionals

Data Management Implementations

Hagerman & Company is your source for software and professional services in order to make your data management project a success. With more than two decades experience, we have completed over 1200 successful customer projects.

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Hagerman Automation Services

From simple customization of your CAD software all the way to a complete enterprise-wide automation solution, we take your company productivity to new heights. 

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Vault Services

With over 20 years of data management experience and over 1100 successful customer Vault projects, Hagerman & Company represents the optimal partner to assist you with Autodesk Vault. Hagerman & Company can deliver anything from a basic quick start Vault implementation for a small company or department to a large complex project spanning many months and customer locations and involving multiple Hagerman and customer team members.

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Connection Products

We have an in-house team of developers who have created the Hagerman Connection products. Currently, the Connection products are focused largely on Autodesk Vault. However, even with Vault’s outstanding functionality, some users find gaps and areas needing improvement. Based on our experience with thousands of customer Vault projects, we developed our Connection products for Vault including:

  • QVP Connection for easy, inexpensive forms-based search-view-print access for non-CAD users. QVP works with all levels of Vault (along with BlueCielo Meridian) and offers many ease of use and configuration features not available in the Vault Pro web client.
  • Lifecycle Connection works only with the Vault product line and adds fully customizable e-mail notification capabilities in conjunction with Vault Workgroup and Pro lifecycle definitions (workflows).
  • AutoPlot Connection for advanced batch printing, plotting and publishing capabilities for all levels of Vault, BlueCielo Meridian and Windows Explorer. AutoPlot is fully customizable and offers ERP integration.
  • Project Connection is compatible with Vault Workgroup and Pro and is designed primarily for utilities and process-oriented manufacturers such as steel, chemicals, food, pharma, etc. Project Connection enables the separation of project copies from their as-built/master files, supports concurrent engineering processes and better enables collaboration with outside engineering firms and contractors.
  • Backup Connection provides automated and detailed daily email reports on the status of your Vault backups with the ability to send the reports to multiple selected staff members in IT, engineering, etc.

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