Consultation & Review

Engineering software (CAD, CAM, and PDM) typically represents a sizeable investment for most businesses, and the success or failure to implement these tools in an effective manner has a direct impact on profitability.  Taking full advantage of the capabilities of your engineering software is crucial to both maximizing its impact on your business and ensuring a return on the software investment itself.

Hagerman & Company is here to help with our Consultation & Review service. We investigate your existing CAD and CAD-related engineering processes, document those processes, and offer suggestions for improvements.  


A typical audit includes:

  • Review of existing CAD software and how it is used
  • Review of current document control procedures including:
    • New document creation
    • Document release and revision
  • Review of communications between engineering and other departments including sales, purchasing, and manufacturing
  • Interview of personnel for Best Practice CAD review
  • Follow-up recommendations

Initial discussions are conducted with members of the engineering department along with relevant personnel in other departments.  Other individuals may be asked for input based on initial discussions. Hagerman will keep interviews as short as possible to minimize your time commitment.  Interviewees should be prepared with a list of software or process issues prior to the interview.


At the conclusion of the Process Audit you receive a detailed report outlining the existing processes and suggested improvements.  We present a structured project plan with well defined, detailed phases including suggestions for software implementation, software usage, processes and training which provides a clear path to the successful achievement of the defined goals.




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