AutoCAD® Electrical Standards Implementation


Utilizing standards in engineering and design departments is critical.  Standardizing documentation results in increased efficiency for designers, in-house electricians and technicians, and panel shops. Hagerman & Company specializes in assisting Controls departments to determine, configure, and document AutoCAD Electrical standards to your environment.


The purpose of this engagement is to understand, configure and document the implementation of AutoCAD Electrical within a production environment utilizing company standards and industry best practices. 

This documentation is not intended as a replacement for training.  Its purpose is to clarify features that may not be explained in existing documentation and to automate and configure the established standards that will be decided upon during the engagement.

Project Setup

  • Create Template Project
  • Environment File
  • Parts Database


  • Formats for Drawing Templates (Schematics)
    • Component Tag Format
    • Wire Number Format
    • Cross Reference Format
    • Cross Reference Display
    • Arrow Style
    • Fan-In/Out Marker Style
    • PLC Style
    • Wire Style
    • Wire Cross
    • Wire Tee
    • Ladder Defaults
    • Format Referencing (Drawing Reference Numbers)
    • Wire Types (Layers)
  • Title Block Setup
    • .wdt File
    • .wdl File
  • Symbol Creation Best Practices
    • Schematic symbols
    • PLC symbols
    • Circuits
  • Schematic Report Configuration
    • Bill of Material
    • Missing Bill of Material
    • Component From/To
    • Component Wire List
    • Connector Plug
    • PLC I/O Address and Description
    • PLC I/O Component Connection
    • Terminal Numbers
    • Terminal Plan
    • Connector Summary
    • Connector Detail
    • Cable Summary
    • Cable From/To
    • Wire Label
    • Drawing List Report


  • Configuration for Drawing Templates (Panel)
    • Item Numbering
    • Balloon Setup
    • Default Spacing for Multiple Inserts
    • Layers
  • Panel Report Configuration
    • Bill of Material
    • Component
    • Nameplate
    • Wire Connection
    • Component Exception
    • Terminal Exception
    • Wire Annotation Exception
    • Missing Level/Sequence Assignments


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