Enhance your processes

Wouldn't it be great to automate tasks like PDF, DWG, DXF creation when files get released? Or enhance your checks on release and make sure that files get released just if ....

coolOrange has extensions for the Vault client and the Vault Jobprocessor, which makes this possible in a simple and customizable way. Delegate work to the Jobprocessor, and enhance your workflow and data quality.

Connect your systems

Are you looking for ways to transfer your CAD BOM to your ERP System? Do you like to speed up your engineering process by creating ERP items directly from with Vault?

With powerGate you can connect Vault directly with your ERP system, so that operations, like creating items, transferring BOM, checking existence and correctness of part numbers, can be made right away, in a modern and user-friendly way.

The perks of Automated Publishing


"The experience has been fantastic. Our Hagerman rep is extremely knowledgeable in the programming language that the cool orange software and Vault use to interface. Every time we come up with a new idea, he is able to incorporate it seamlessly."

Steve Jacquin

"Cool Orange is a great software add-on to the Vault and helps us modify the PDFs that are generated in a variety of ways beyond what the out-of-the-box software could."

Steve Jacquin

"coolOrange is a great add-on tool that allows for additional control over the PDFs that are generated in the Vault. Things like file names, layout tabs, Vault properties, and many others can be added, removed or modified in the PDF generator."

Steve Jacquin

"Kevin Bosch was amazing to work with to resolve an issue with our backup scripts."

Mark Carroll


Did you know that the Autodesk Vault behavior can be tailored to meet your own requirements to improve the overall usability and compliancy of your process?


Bridging design into manufacturing.  The Bill of Materials (BOM) contains crucial data that need to be passed on with painstaking precision. Transferring the BOM to the ERP system is one of the key steps in the path that leads from design to all the other business processes, and doing it manually is too risky and time-consuming.


powerJobs is a unique world-class solution for CAD/Vault users to automate manual tasks, save precious time and increase throughput. Created by passionate industry experts at COOLORANGE, it is equipped with everything you will ever need to speed up your workflow and produce error free results. From auto-publishing files to smart printing, providing file security and even notifying users, powerJobs is your one solution to many problems. 

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