ANSYS DesignSpace®

ANSYS DesignSpace software is an easy-to-use simulation package that provides you with tools to conceptualize, design and validate your ideas right on the desktop using the same solver technology as ANSYS Mechanical. With DesignSpace, you don’t need to have advanced analysis knowledge to perform real-world static structural and thermal, dynamic, weight optimization, vibration mode, and safety factor simulations.

ANSYS DesignSpace gives you a powerful, intuitive environment for working directly with your existing CAD systems (through bidirectional connections) or stand-alone geometry files. Intelligent tools like automatic contact detection make it easy to set up and prepare single part and assembly models for meshing. Other tools, like factor-of-safety prediction and built-in simulation wizards, help to ensure that even new users get accurate, reliable simulation results in minutes.

ANSYS DesignSpace Features

Strength Analysis

You can easily configure and solve static and transient analysis as well as analyze linear buckling. Deflections, stresses and strains are all easy to examine and can be looked at as a whole, part by part, or on a smaller feature level.

Contact Modeling

ANSYS DesignSpace models assemblies in less time by enabling you to model linear contacts, including bonded, frictionless and no-separation contacts. The automatic contact generation tool detects and performs setup for contacts between parts of an assembly. You can modify the contact settings and options as well as add additional manual contact definitions.

Modal Analysis

ANSYS DesignSpace enables you to determine the vibration characteristics (natural frequencies and mode shapes) of a structure or machine component design, either in a prestressed or stressed condition, so you can better understand the component’s real-world behavior.

Thermal Analysis

With ANSYS DesignSpace, you can view temperature distribution through a model and then analyze thermal stressing caused by thermal expansion. Alternately, you can use that information in a modal analysis.

Geometry and Meshing

ANSYS provides a wide range of highly robust automated meshing tools – from tetrahedral meshes to pure hexahedral meshes, inflation layers and high-quality shell meshes. You can set custom mesh settings like surface or edge sizing, sphere of influence, defeaturing tolerances and more.


With our tools, you can explore a design in multiple ways and efficiently document the results. ANSYS structural analysis software provides instantaneous report generation to gather all technical data and pictures of the model in a convenient format (HTML, Microsoft® Word or Microsoft®).

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