Meridian E-Mail Notification System

Automatically create and send email notifications when a Meridian Work Area is transitioned from one state to the next.

Standard Version:

Hagerman & Company’s Standard Meridian E-Mail Notification System will automatically create and send email notifications when a Meridian Work Area is transitioned from one state to the next.  E-mail’s may be sent to any valid e-mail address.Other features include:

  • Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes address books are supported and accessible
  • Default recipients and messages can be set for each Work Area transition
  • Specify message per each Work Area transition
  • Email subject line can be automatically generated based upon the current Work Area state name and the transition
  • All documents contained in a Work Area can be listed in the contents of the email message
  • When a Work Area state is transitioned, user may specify additional recipients and add additional notes to main message body
  • All properties can be set within the Work Area template and/or modified per Work Area instance
  • If user has been given rights, then they will be able to modify recipients and messages after the Work Area has been created

Professional Version:

Hagerman & Company’s Professional Meridian Email Notification System includes all features contained in the Standard Version.  The Professional version includes additional features for parallel approval processes, item due dates and e-mail reminders and warnings.

Work Area items can be set up with scheduled start dates and scheduled due dates. Email reminders and warnings can be sent to the task owner, managers or other personnel:

  • A specified number of days prior to the due date
  • On the due date
  • After the due date has passed
  • On severe schedule overruns

In addition, the Professional version allows implementation of parallel approval processes which require that multiple personnel must all approve the Work Area before it moves on to the next state.  Each state within a Work Area can be independently setup for approval requirements. Approval requirements can be edited from within Meridian or edited through an external workflow manager.

The Professional version’s warnings and notifications are generated from a server-based application that can be configured to run at customer defined times or intervals throughout the day.

Program Screen Captures:

Email Recipients:

  • Uses the Email System Setting (Microsoft Outlook / Lotus Notes)
  • Uses distribution list to select users or groups
  • Can type in a full Email Address and add to recipients to allow emailing to individuals not included in the company email lists


Assigned Managers:

  • Uses the Email System Setting (Microsoft Outlook / Lotus Notes) for looking up individuals to assign as managers
  • Start date for the selected Work Area State
  • Scheduled completion date
  • Anticipated duration of state
  • Advance notification (# of days to notify email recipients prior to start date)
  • Due Date notifications (# of days to start notifications prior to due date)
  • Overdue notifications (# of days between overdue notifications)


Approval Requirements:

  • Uses the Email System Setting (Microsoft Outlook / Lotus Notes) for looking up individuals to assign as managers
  • Select approval requirements
    • Not Required  - No approval required to transition
    • Single Approver  - Any listed Approver can approve and transition
    • All Approvers  - Requires all approvers to sign off before transition
  • Uses distribution list (users or groups) to add approvers to list

Work Area Docs

WorkArea State Status / Approval Screen:

  • WorkArea State
  • Start Date
    • Scheduled
    • Actual
  • Completion Date
    • Scheduled
    • Actual
  • Duration
    • Scheduled
    • Actual
  • Days Left (Shown in red if exceeds days scheduled)
  • Defined Task
  • List of Approvers
  • Sign Off WorkArea State (button will be available if user is listed as an approver)


Email message notification:

  • Appears if email recipients have been assigned to state that will become active
  • Displays status -  Automatically created
  • Email To:  -  Button allows adding additional recipients
  • Special notes or instructions -  Retrieved from transition settings
  • Additional notes or instructions -  Added by user activating transition


Sample Email Message:



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