Hagerman IntelliModules for Meridian

IntelliModules enhance Meridian to match our customers' unique requirements, providing robust features with rapid implementation.  

Higher Education Solutions

Helping Higher Education Facilities Manage Asset, Building, and Campus Infrastructure Documentation



Transforming engineering data into actionable plant information, keeping users in control, compliant, aligned, and informed throughout the asset lifecycle.


Meridian Analytics

Extend the value of your asset information with powerful insights from robust analytical capabilities.

Meridian Analytics is a cloud service extension providing analytical capabilities that enhance the value of your Meridian experience with powerful insights on your asset information. These cloud services provide capabilities to evaluate and improve your data and metadata.

Meridian E-Mail Notification System

Automatically create and send email notifications when a Meridian Work Area is transitioned from one state to the next.

Meridian Platforms

The heart of your Asset Lifecycle Information Management solution.

Meridian is available as a cloud service and on-premise server. There are distinct advantages to each and you have the flexibility to implement either configuration to suit your organization’s needs. All Meridian Clients and Meridian Extensions work with both platforms.

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