Fusion Lifecycle

PLM helps you accelerate your product development processes across all departments and locations by automating workflows, key tasks, and delivering timely information. Because Fusion Lifecycle is on the cloud, everyone has access to the data they need anytime, anywhere.

Product Development Accelerated

Why Cloud-based PLM?

Eliminate bottlenecks

Not sure why things have stalled?

PLM can help define and automate processes to keep the work flowing and your product development on track.

Take control of change

Struggling with spreadsheets and email?

PLM delivers a modern change management tool that tracks and records changes to your product designs as they happen.

Stay on top of status

Wasting too much time on status reports?

PLM provides real-time access to the product data you need and presents it in graphical dashboards for quick interpretation.

Fusion Lifecycle Capabilities

New Product Introduction

Avoid costly launch delays. New product introduction (NPI) tools help you get your latest product innovations to market on time and on budget.

Configurable NPI process workflow

Standard NPI workflows are provided, which can be easily configured to match an organization’s exact process.

  • Graphical representation of processes are visible to anyone within the organization for complete alignment
  • Monitoring status helps to quickly identify and resolve potential bottlenecks and avoid costly launch delays

Project management within a fully integrated PLM environment

The progress of an NPI project and its sub-tasks, can be managed via a single graphical chart.

  • Progress of a sub-project or task is outlined via Gantt chart format with colored status indicators
  • Quickly assess the performance of a project with early indication of where delays are potentially occurring
  • Unlike stand-alone tools or spread sheets, provides a real-time view, for all stakeholders, of NPI project progress

Task Management

Project activities can be broken down into individual tasks with details.

  • All owners and stakeholders have visibility at a granular level to fully understand what needs to be done
  • Real-time process workflows manage the progress of each task, helping to keep everyone on track

Task notifications and real-time ‘to-do’ list

Automated task assignment can immediately send notifications by email to stakeholders.

  • Instantly alerts when there is an activity to carry out, reducing the risk of delays
  • Tasks are outlined in a ‘to-do’ list, unique to the stakeholder
  • Other stakeholders can subscribe to notifications to become immediately aware when that task is complete

Real-time phase-gate milestone indicators

Projects, sub-projects, tasks and individual processes share status with milestone indicators.

  • Outlines when each stage of that activity is due, and whether that stage is on track
  • Completed tasks or projects are fully traceable, for evaluation and improving the effectiveness of future activities

Bill of Materials Management

Your Bill of Materials data is too important to leave open to errors. Fusion Lifecycle helps you manage, visualize, and share up-to-date BOM information across the organization in real-time.

Item & Bill of Material (BOM) Management with Lifecycle Control

Comprehensive information about component parts and assemblies is managed in a single, secure environment.

  • Enable stakeholders to quickly and easily find and understand items
  • Revision control ensures everyone is referencing the correct version
  • Reduce the risk of downstream errors and re-work.

Configurable, context-specific Bill of Materials views

Multiple, configurable views of Bill of Materials structures can easily be defined.

  • Enables users to view BOMs in the right context, viewing only relevant information to them
  • Provides stakeholders across the organization with the real-time product information needed to make accurate decisions

Revision effectivity

Components and sub-assemblies added to a BOM can be made effective from a specific date.

  • New versions of an existing part can be phased in on a future date for easier production planning
  • View a BOM configuration as active on a historic date offering an aspect of traceability
  • Determine exactly what was manufactured or delivered on a particular day

Bill of Materials Comparison

Easily perform BOM comparisons on different revisions and configurations

  • Quickly identify what’s changed when releasing a new version of your product
  • The BOM compare features offers an easy-to-understand, graphical indication of differences
  • Meet compliance requirements by analyzing previous iterations and history of a product

Change Management

Product changes are fully defined, reviewed, approved and implemented in a collaborative environment. Easily configured workflows provide a clear view of the details you need to understand and approve Engineering Change Requests (ECR) and Engineering Change Orders (ECO).

Real-time, configurable Change Request and Change Order workflows

Formal and fast-track workflows are provided, which can be easily configured to match an organization’s exact process.

  • Change workflows provide a graphical representation of those processes to everyone within the organization
  • The progress of specific Change Requests or Change Orders are managed real-time
  • Monitoring status helps to quickly identify and resolve potential bottlenecks

Change Management within a fully integrated PLM environment

Change Request and Change Order processes are fully integrated with the other information.

  • Full details of the components or sub-assemblies subject to a particular change are just a quick click away
  • Product stakeholders across the organization fully understand what a change will affect, and what its impact will be on parent assemblies and products
  • Historic change records can be viewed and interrogated, providing traceability of exactly what items were modified at that time

Change notifications and real-time ‘to-do’ list

Those involved in a stage of the change process are automatically notified when that stage is reached.

  • The input required from each individual is outlined in a ‘to-do’ list, unique to them
  • Constant reminders are sent with required input and location details
  • Other stakeholders, not directly involved in a process, can subscribe to notifications

Historical change traceability

All Change Requests and Change Orders remain fully traceable once complete.

  • Historical change processes can be accessed by any authorized person within the organization
  • Each step of the process is recorded, outlining who actioned that step, when, and any comments
  • Provides an audit trail recording every stage of product change, helping to achieve compliance

Quality Management

Get a 360 degree view of your quality data and critical processes from RMA to CAPA to ECO, helping you prevent and respond rapidly to quality issues.

Closed-loop, linked quality processes from return to change order

Standard workflows are provided, which can be easily configured to match an organization’s exact process.

  • Return authorizations (RMA) through the raising of non-conformances
  • CAPA process management
  • Change requests (ECR) and ultimately to change orders (ECO)
  • Automatic spawning of processes, based upon the outcome of previous ones
  • Reduce lead times for new and modified products, and reduce the risk of costly downstream errors

Corrective and Preventative Actions (CAPA)

Standard Corrective and Preventative Actions process workflows are provided, which can be easily configured to match an organization’s exact process.

  • Provides a graphical representation of the CAPA processes to anyone within the organization, as well as auditors
  • Improves general understanding of what the process entails, and providing process proof to help meet compliance requirements
  • The progress of specific CAPA items are managed real-time, helping reduce process bottlenecks
  • Inherent full traceability of previous CAPA processes also assists in meeting compliance needs

Process and information traceability to aid compliance

All in-progress or completed processes, whether related to change, quality, or any other discipline, are fully traceable.

  • Details of who signed off each stage, and when, and details such as associated components or documents
  • All changes are fully documented, including who created them, when they were created, and any subsequent modifications made
  • Provides a single source for data required to meet auditing and compliance requirements

Up-front inspection planning

Inspection activities can be defined early in the product development process.

  • Visibility to Inspection teams, and other interested parties, of the requirements
  • Documentation, such as component drawings, can be embedded into the plan
  • Helps Inspection teams fully understand what is required, and plan ahead
  • Traceability of inspection activities should the need arise for investigation following issues in the field

Quality management reporting

Real-time, graphical reports can be easily created including any quality-related data.

  • Information around change order rates, inspection defects, and CAPA results can be displayed in bar or pie chart formats
  • Reports are in real-time, so always up-to-date, reducing the risk of potential error.
  • Quality reporting capabilities can reduce the amount of effort regularly spent compiling data

Supplier Collaboration

Stay connected 24/7 to your global supply chain with anytime, anywhere access to the information your extended organization needs for quoting, procurement, and supplier management.

Management of supplier information

Comprehensive information about suppliers is managed in a single, secure environment.

  • Including built-in apps for approved manufacturers lists (AML) and approved vendor lists (AVL).
  • Stakeholders can quickly access the information needed to approve suppliers and vendors, and manage supplier audits
  • Details on products each supplier currently provides and their strategic importance, across the organization

Time-based supplier review process workflows

The review process can be used to manage every supplier.

  • Procurement, Quality and other stakeholders can accurately track the real-time status
  • Time-based process notifies relevant stakeholders when a review is due for each supplier
  • The review status is widely visible, giving a good understanding of whether that supplier is active, and can be used at that point in time

Secure supplier participation in the procurement process

Cloud-based PLM offers secure third party access.

  • Suppliers can collaborate in the RFQ process
  • Reduces downstream errors caused by miscommunication
  • Drawings and 3D visualization models, can be accessed by suppliers
  • Leads to shorter lead times and higher accuracy of supplied items

Product Data Management with Autodesk Vault

Keep everyone working from and collaborating around the same design data. Autodesk Vault PDM capabilities allows Engineering teams to organize, manage, share and track product data.

Manage CAD & Design Documents

Autodesk provides integration with Autodesk design and visualization software.

  • Version, Revision, and Release Management
  • Manage 2D & 3D CAD files, Autodesk® Inventor, AutoCAD®, and more
  • Manage all design documentation: Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, and more

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