I enjoyed the pace of the class. He (Keith) did an excellent job of first explaining the material, then showing it, and finally enabling us to practice the newly learned skill. The whole "learn by doing" worked well. His manner was upbeat and enthused without being too cheesy. Keep this guy around, he is balanced and sensitive to student's needs and pace requirements.
Danielle V.

Very entertaining and engaging. I was able to keep up, and he made the class very fun.
Melissa S.

Great class. Learned a lot in a great facility.
Dan G.

He explained the overall big picture very well and had very helpful practical examples.
Chelsea B.

David was a really good instructor who made sure we completely understood the concepts. Very Knowledgeable.
Bernadette B.

I felt like I had learned a lot that I could use and the trainer was able to answer all of our questions.
David F.

I loved getting several opportunities to receive specific help for my individual issues.
Rick S.

Rick has showed me some great features with Plant 3D. After completing the course I feel that I can go back to work and have the confidence to use Plant 3D.
Jeffery P.

Real application knowledge and applied techniques. The instructor also knew the software inside and out. That makes a huge difference in learning the material.
John D.

There was a warm friendly atmosphere. I felt like I had a one on one experience. All of my questions were answered clearly and timely. The instructor took time for every need of the class with a great attitude.
Blake N.


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