A great introductory class into Revit for someone looking to distinguish themselves from other applicants for a job. The course provides a strong foundation which will allow me to work efficiently and continue building upon my Revit skills with additional practice.
Alberto B.

Gary took the time to answer questions when asked instead of just saying we would get to it later. Gary also took the time to explain how to fix many of our drawings-- they were imported into AutoCAD.
Carol M.

Robert was an excellent instructor. He made it so easy to understand. He is really a great person and knowledgeable of his material which makes the course go smoothly. Thanks Mr. Levy for all your great help!!!
Sam M.

Kendred made the class very fun. He would take questions at any time and was able to answer them immediately. He seemed very knowledgeable of the software and its capabilities. I would recommend this instructor to anyone in a heartbeat.
David L.

He [Keith] was fantastic. I'd come back and take another class from Keith and I think that speaks highly of his teaching abilities and knowledge.
Trent W.

Robert is an asset to your company!! He is very knowledgeable in his field. Please thank him on my behalf for being a wonderful instructor. Thanks!!
Sam M.

Mark is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever had! He knows how to "teach" and knows the software like the back of his hand. A TRUE teacher.
Kevin P.

Kevin was able to answer all my questions with regards to using features in Inventor, and gave examples to support the explanations. He was also able to give examples of how the course material could be applicable in an industry setting. Overall it was an excellent experience!
Jesse E.

Keith is a fantastic instructor. I have enjoyed this class greatly and the knowledge base.
William B.

It was a very productive three days. Trying to learn this on my own would have taken a month or more.
Chris C.


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