All of my questions were answered. I liked the course a lot. I liked the attention to the questions I asked regarding the functionality of different aspects of the software and how it can be used to accomplish specific tasks I require.
Justin W.

The instructor was fantastic. He was knowledgeable about the program and gave us a good basis on further understanding the program. I learned what I could accomplish with Revit for MEP purposes. I might not remember how exactly to do what I want done, but I know that I can do it and can reference how to accomplish my needs. Before this class, I had a very basic understanding as to what I could do with Revit.
Bryce M.

Tad did a great job teaching AutoCAD. He made it easy to understand and was very patient answering questions. It was hands on and allowed us to get first hand experience learning AutoCAD. I learned a lot.
Kevin B.

Very good class, looking forward to using my new skills at work.
James S.

The proficiency of the instructor in the material could not be better, and he has industry experience to back it up.
Robert B.

Mark was very courteous and related the material well to my colleges and me.
Robert M.

Great communication skills! Definitely made something potentially foreign and nature seem extremely easy and doable.
ZsaKosha R.

Very easy to follow along with an online instructor. He was also very attentive to answering questions throughout the class.
James S.

Kendred was very knowledgeable, and gave helpful tips and tricks for the software. I enjoyed the online aspect, as it caused little disruption to my life outside work, and prevented associated travel costs.
Katie S.

The instructor really took some time and was very patient with me. He explained a lot of things that I really needed to know. I truly enjoyed this session.
Eleanor R.


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