The class was relevant to my daily work procedures and the instructor was very professional, friendly and considerate to all levels of the class's experience.
Markus H.

Gary was an outstanding instructor, good, clear instruction. He kept the presentation fresh and interesting.
Robert G.

We went through a lot of information in a short time. Matt was very helpful when I needed extra assistance.
Gary S.

Instructor was well versed in the material and was able to completely answer all of my questions. Matt also helped relate the covered material to my specific design work. He went above and beyond to help explain/simplify drafting methods that were previously tedious or difficult. Great class. Great Instructor.
Josh M.

Good guy, answered the questions he knew, and found us quick answers to the questions he was unfamiliar with.

Instructor very knowledgeable on all topics covered.
Michael S.

Good presentation, the instructor was very knowledgeable.
Derald D.

Seems like he loves his job, he was enthusiastic about AutoCAD.
Diane M.

Chris is an effective instructor and knows his stuff!
Robert H.

Gary was great and very easy to get along with. Good work.
Nick P.


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