Data and Document Management Needs Analysis

Before selecting any new document management system, it is important to conduct a thorough needs analysis. Hagerman & Company’s needs analysis services help you choose a new data and document management solution that fits your needs and budget. We can also help you develop an implementation plan  for the software you choose.

The first step we take in working with you to first gain an understanding of your current situation and operating environment including:

  1. Overall company and project goals and challenges
  2. Systems and Software
    1. File Types and Application Software
    2. Computer Hardware
    3. Operating Systems
    4. Internet Browsers
    5. Network Hardware and Software
    6. Business Systems
    7. E-Mail System
    8. Databases
    9. Custom Programs
  3. Departments and Staffing
  4. Workflows and Procedures

Following that, we will study the options that we have available and outline our recommendations including:

  1. Proposed Solution
    1. Systems and Software
    2. System Functionality and Benefits
  2. Preliminary Project Planning
    1. Estimated Project Scope
    2. Preliminary Implementation Plan and Phases
    3. Required Personnel and Skills
    4. Roles and Assignments
    5. Risk Analysis
  3. Project Cost Estimates
    1. Software
    2. Services
    3. Hardware
    4. Ongoing Maintenance and Support
  4. Return On Investment

Over the years, we have performed these services for many customers who have gone to successfully complete IT projects that have greatly enhanced their organizations’ profitability.  In that time, we have discovered that customers who invest the time and money and work with us to perform this type of in-depth project planning and scoping almost always end up with more successful projects and implementations than those who don’t



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