System Integration

The software that Hagerman & Company provides is typically just a small fraction of the overall set of solutions and systems in place at a typical customer.  In many cases, our customers wish to have systems tied together in order to eliminate repetitive tasks, errors and wasted time.  Our system integration services have been used by many of our customers to accomplish this goal.

Examples of system integration projects successfully completed by Hagerman & Company include:

  • Software to read work order output from an ERP system in order to automatically batch print all drawings required for production by manufacturing personnel in the shop
  • Automated software to assist a manufacturer of lawn and garden equipment to process accounts payable more efficiently and interface with its ERP system
  • With a file open in Autodesk Inventor, automatically collect and format BOM and specific iProperty values, format them and then automatically send them to the company’s ERP system
  • Helping numerous other customers pass item and bill of material information bi-directionally between CAD, MS-Office, PDM/PLM and ERP systems in a similar manner
  • Capturing outputs from customer sales configurator, order entry, CRM or company web site and automatically generating customer proposal drawings and quotes and then passing outputs back to customer ERP or other systems
  • If your company uses Autodesk Vault, we offer coolOrange Connect solutions which are specifically designed to allow customers to sync items, bill of materials and files between Vault and your ERP system, in a modern and easy way.

Hagerman & Company’s technical team can scope out your system integration project and then successfully implement it using our wide variety of in-house skills along with the software technologies best suited to meet your company’s needs. 



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