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Optimization and sustainability drive profits in manufacturing, and our team of experts delivers both. Drawing on years of real-world factory experience, our consulting team can uncover the potential, design the solution, and implement the changes to improve virtually any aspect of the manufacturing process.

We specialize in connecting engineering and manufacturing workflows to make the most effective use of data, technology, and collaboration. Using LEAN principles, we can help you enhance manufacturing processes related to design, supply chain, scheduling, production, maintenance, and safety. In addition to operations assessments and optimization, we offer a wide range of manufacturing and engineering consulting services to help you streamline upstream and downstream processes to optimize uptime and throughput, including Safety and Automation Consulting and Manufacturing Control System Consulting.




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Safety and Automation Consulting

Our team can link various IT systems, software and plant equipment – enabling them to functionally collaborate in automating manufacturing processes.

Controls system design, upgrades and integrations 

Used to operate and/or automate processes, providing centralized monitoring and control for numerous process inputs and outputs. We can provide the design and fabrication of control panels, PLC and HMI software programming, disaster recovery solutions, custom integrations and more.

Control systems backup, restore, and disaster recovery 

Ensure a rapid recovery of the controls system from any disaster, whether caused by cyber, natural or human-error incidents.

Industrial network design and security  

Develop independent manufacturing networks, enabling the safe flow of data with company enterprise networks.


Safety assessments and solutions 

Systematic examination of manufacturing processes to identify risks of human injury. Once identified, necessary control measures are determined and implemented to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Control panel design and fabrication & PLC/HMI programming services. 

UL 508A Certified


Manufacturing Control System Consulting

We specialize in linking various IT systems, software, and plant equipment while enabling them to functionally collaborate in automating manufacturing processes. Our manufacturing control system consulting team is capable of integrating or customizing systems from vendors such as:

  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Rockwell
  • Omron
  • Motoman
  • Yaskawa
  • Fanuc
  • Parker
  • Schneider Electric

In addition to our assessment-focused consulting services for controls engineering, we also offer a variety of control system customization services, including:

Control panel design & layout

Our attractive designs take into account costs, simple operator controls, and safe & reliable operation.

Production of control panels

From design through production of panels to electrical drawings, we provide a turnkey system. UL 508A Certified.

PLC & HMI software programming

We can customize control manufacturing processes and functions requiring high reliability.

Controls system design, upgrades, and integrations

We can update, operate and/or automate manufacturing processes by providing centralized monitoring and control for numerous process inputs and outputs.

Control systems backup, restore, and disaster recovery

Eliminate the immense costs, due to loss of data, by incorporating safe back-up and restore processes.

Controls retrofit and upgrades

Avoid the costs of new equipment and maximize financial resources by updating to modern controls on mechanically sound machinery, including:

  • Advanced press controls
  • HMI hardware and software
  • PLC hardware and software
  • Hydraulics to electric servo
  • Data gathering

Our manufacturing asset optimization services have helped:

A large agriculture industry manufacturer to enhance their advanced positive-pressure ventilation system protecting against viruses in pork production.

  • The system of fixed and variable speed fans force filtered air out of a building – preventing unfiltered, outdoor air from entering the animal living areas that might otherwise be compromised from air leaks or open-air inlets in a negative pressure environment.
  • This reduces the chance of exposure to airborne pathogens providing an effective solution for maintaining healthy air quality for animals.

An agriculture grain elevator to enhance the transfer and storage of farm crops.

  • Designed a system utilizing RFID technology to identify the trailer contents and then automate the transfer of product to the drying process or to correct silo storage.
  • Eliminated human error by automating the proper location of crops to be stored, preventing mixtures of product.

Streamlined the loading of trucks to prevent over fulfilling through automation.


A large paper product manufacturer to automate and enhance their barcode labeling process for their finished packaging process.

  • Designed system to identify and apply barcode label with proper UPC and required customer information.
  • Utilized one source of truth for all information being applied to each barcode label and end-product.
  • Customized each label with specific requirements for each end-user.
  • Integrated conveyers, scanners, conveyor scales, print & apply labeling stations, and verification scanners to handle multiple assembly line products simultaneously ensuring each finished good was properly labeled.


A large agriculture industry manufacturer to enhance/support risk management for the livestock transportation industry. The system provides thorough heating and drying of trailers after wash-down, making it an effective virus protection tool.

  • Enabled remote access and email/text verifications and notifications.
  • Implemented custom defined protocols for each trailer type.

A manufacturer of rehabilitation equipment to upgrade their controls and replace obsolete components to replicate the machinery to run more effectively, optimizing the machine’s service life and reducing the overall manufacturing costs.

  • Designed control panel, updated PLC & HMI programming and manufactured control panel to UL standards.

A city’s water treatment plant with regards to an immediate need due to not being able to produce clean water.

  • Troubleshooted and modified PLC programming to get system up and running.


An industrial packaging manufacturer to safeguard multiple workstations.

Performed risk analysis on several processes, designed and implemented solutions reducing human risk of injury to an acceptable level.


Maintenance Management Consulting

Asset management 

Increase uptime, extend equipment life and lower inventory costs. Utilize work order tracking and scheduling features to improve workflow and management of all preventative maintenance work and service requests.

IOT Asset Management 

Real-time visibility through remote monitoring and analysis leads to a more proactive maintenance approach. Perform maintenance only when required by utilizing real time feedback from the equipment itself. Proactively schedule and track work orders, see increased uptime and create more reliable equipment with greatly reduced costs.

Document Management 

Asset management and maintenance integration including linking maintenance/ equipment records to associated drawings and documents. Easy 24/7 search-view-print access to drawings and critical documents for operations and maintenance staffs.

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