Manufacturing Consulting & Controls

Optimization and sustainability drive profits in manufacturing, and our team of experts deliver both. Drawing on years of real-world factory experience, we can uncover the potential, design the solution, and implement the changes to improve virtually any aspect of the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Consulting 

  • Manufacturing operations assessments and optimization – Utilize LEAN principles and a systems approach to maximize operations regarding design, supply chain, scheduling, production, maintenance and safety. 
  • Safety assessments and solutions – Systematic examination of a process to identify risks of human injury. Once identified, a determination is made of necessary control measures to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.
  • Controls system design, upgrades and integrations – Used to operate and/or automate processes, providing centralized monitoring and control for numerous process inputs and outputs.
  • Industrial network design and security – Develop independent manufacturing networks, enabling the safe flow of data with company enterprise networks.
  • Asset management – Increase uptime, extend equipment life and lower inventory costs. Utilize work order tracking, scheduling features to improve workflow and management of all preventative maintenance work and service requests
  • IOT Asset Management – Real-time visibility through remote monitoring and analysis leads to a more proactive maintenance approach. Proactively schedule and track work orders, see increased uptime and create more reliable equipment with greatly reduced costs.
  • Manufacturing facility planning and layout – Ensure an optimized flow of work, material, and information throughout the facility, maximizing the effectiveness of the production process.
  • Facility energy management (FEM) – The use of thermal simulation to analyze airflow in building design to optimize controlled environments, results in advanced energy usage analysis and significant cost reductions• Inventory optimization and management – Balancing the carrying costs of inventory across multiple SKU’s.

Controls and Integration Experts

We specialize in linking various IT systems, software and plant equipment, while enabling them to functionally collaborate in automating manufacturing processes.

  • Control panel design, PLC & HMI programming and the production of control panels – UL 508A Certified
  • Control systems backup, restore, and disaster recovery – Ensure a rapid recovery of the control system from any disaster; whether caused by cyber, natural or human-error incidents.