Document Management

With more than 20+ years of industry experience, Hagerman & Company offers document management software solutions from a variety of vendors including Autodesk, Synergis, Accruent, coolOrange, as well as our own proprietary software that has been developed by Hagerman & Company. We also provide document management consulting services  to help you select the best solution for your needs and ensure it is successfully implemented and supported.

Whether your needs are in the area of document management, enterprise content management (ECM), product data management (PDM), product lifecycle management (PLM)  or cloud-based collaboration with outside parties, Hagerman & Company is your source for software and professional services to make your data management project a success.

Browse our selection of document management software, plugins, and add-ons below.


Autodesk® Vault Mobile App

Autodesk® Vault mobile app gives you the flexibility to access and work with your vaulted design and engineering data anywhere. Take your design data with you onto the shop floor, on-site, or out to meet your customer. The Vault mobile app makes it easier to stay up to date on your projects and collaborate with your team when you are away from your desktop computer.

AutoPlot Connection

Boost Plotting Productivity with AutoPLOT Connection

Backup Connection

Backup Connection provides automated and detailed daily email reports on the status of your Vault backups with the ability to send the reports to multiple selected staff members in IT, engineering, etc.

Lifecycle Connection

Incorporate automatic e-mail notifications with Vault lifecycle workflows.


Did you know that the Autodesk Vault behavior can be tailored to meet your own requirements to improve the overall usability and compliancy of your process?


Bridging design into manufacturing.  The Bill of Materials (BOM) contains crucial data that need to be passed on with painstaking precision. Transferring the BOM to the ERP system is one of the key steps in the path that leads from design to all the other business processes, and doing it manually is too risky and time-consuming.

Property Connection

Save hundreds of hours of Vault setup time and make Autodesk Vault much more easy and productive!


Vault is product data management (PDM) software that improves productivity. Everyone works from a central source of organized data—collaborating, reducing errors, and saving time.

Vault PLM

Manage the many moving parts of the product lifecycle with Vault PLM.

Vault® Solutions for Plant Owners

Project Connection is the perfect data management solution for plant owner/operators in industries such as these.

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AutoPlot Connection

Boost Plotting Productivity with AutoPLOT Connection

Hagerman IntelliModules for Meridian

IntelliModules enhance Meridian to match our customers' unique requirements, providing robust features with rapid implementation.  

Meridian Cloud for Life Sciences

Transition to the cloud, simplify compliance and streamline validation with Accruent's highly secure, expertly validated SaaS EDMS.

Meridian for Higher Education Solutions

Helping Higher Education Facilities Manage Asset, Building, and Campus Infrastructure Documentation

Meridian Platforms

The heart of your Asset Lifecycle Information Management solution. Meridian is available as a cloud service and on-premise server. There are distinct advantages to each and you have the flexibility to implement either configuration to suit your organization’s needs. All Meridian Clients and Meridian Extensions work with both platforms.

QVP Connection

A low-cost and easy-to-use interface for those who need query (search), view and print access to documents and data stored in Autodesk Vault.

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Adept Engineering Document Management

Adept engineering document management and workflow helps you find, manage, share and control engineering, CAD and business documents throughout their lifecycle. Adept integrates with the world's most popular CAD and business programs, including AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Solidworks, Microstation, and Microsoft Office.

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